Alcohol-based vs non-alcohol sanitizer. Which is better?

June 2nd, 2020 1:59 PM +8 GMT

The question of the day. Which one is better, the alcohol-based hand sanitizer Singapore or the non-alcoholic sanitizers? This is something that many people are wondering about.

Some are saying that the non-alcoholic ones are less harsh on your skin. But, the ones with alcohol gives more protection. With this guide, you will know the difference and know which one is better to use to kill germs.

Non-alcohol sanitizer

Because there isn’t any alcohol in these sanitizers, most people prefer to purchase this one. They are saying that there are still enough cleaners in as ingredients to kill germs and to keep your hands clean.

But, does it really clean serious and harmful germs. Tests and studies have shown that this isn’t the case. That the only thing that is killing serious and harmful germs is alcohol. Yes, this is a great cleanser if you are just looking for something to clean your hands after a shopping spree in a dusty store. But, to ensure that your hands are germ-free, the non-alcoholic sanitizers aren’t good enough.

Alcohol-based sanitizer

Alcohol Base Sanitizer

When we are talking about alcohol-based sanitizers, we mean the sanitizers with alcohol levels of more than 60%. We don’t talk about the sanitizers where they are just saying alcohol at the ingredients, but not the exact amount.

Alcohol sanitizers are perfect for killing germs. Especially germs that are causing Covid 19. It might leave your hands dry, but it will protect you against the latest, and deadliest germ of all time. The higher the alcohol inside the sanitizers, the better it will be for you and your health. People are afraid to use the sanitizers with alcohol, but it won’t harm you in the long run, and it will reduce the change that you are getting the virus and getting really sick.

Which one is the best to use

There is no doubt that the best one to use is the alcoholic based sanitizer. This is the one that is going to kill all the germs on your hands, and it will let your hands feel a lot cleaner. Yes, it might burn slightly if you have a cut or sore on your hands, but the good news is that the alcohol will heal the injury a lot faster as well.

The thing with the non-alcoholic sanitizer is that it justs clean your hands. It won’t protect it against all the germs. The basic germs will be cleaned off, but not something as serious as the Covid 19 virus.

Which one is better, the non-alcoholic sanitizer, or the alcoholic sanitizer? For sure the sanitizer with the alcohol in. It is protecting you and your family against all germs. Ensuring that you stay protected, clean, and save during this time. Just remember to make sure about the amount of alcohol that is in the hand sanitizer Singapore before you purchase it.

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