Benefits and side effects of using too many hand sanitizer

April 4th, 2020 3:45PM +8 GMT

We are using hand sanitizer a lot more these couple of months than ever before. But, do you wonder what the benefits and side effects are of using too many hand sanitizers? Every store that you are entering they are sanitizing your hands. And, we bet you sanitize your hands when you are entering your vehicle as well.

Are there any negative and positive things about using hand sanitizer Singapore all the time? These are some of the benefits and negatives of using sanitizer too often.

Benefit: Kills germs like the Covid 19 germs

Hand Sanitizer Singapore Doctor Recommended
Hand Sanitizer Singapore – Doctor Recommended

Every time that you are using hand sanitizer with alcohol content, you are killing germs on your hands. Even if your hands look clean, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any germs on. Especially with the germs, we are struggling today.

This is one of the reasons why there is a shortage of stock. Because of this one benefit. To keep germs away from our hands that might land in our mouths, making us really sick.

Negative: Leave your hands dry

You might find yourself that your hands are now always dry. Even if you are adding a moisturizer to your hands, it stays dry. This is because of the alcohol in the hand sanitizers.

The more hand sanitizer you are going to use, the drier your hands are going to become. Many people are now struggling with dry hands, that didn’t struggle with it, a couple of months ago.

Conclusion is that there are more Benefits: It’s a fast way to clean your hands

Proper Hand Sanitizer Use Singapore
Proper Hand Sanitizer Use

Yes, it is a much faster way to clean your hands if you aren’t close to soap and water. When you exit a store, you won’t have soap and water to rinse off the germs that you might have touched when doing shopping.

You just take some sanitizer and you get rid of all the germs on your hands. You can wash your hands thoroughly when you arrive home.

There is a huge number of pros and cons, benefits, and problems when it comes to using sanitizers. Especially when you are sanitizing your hands every time that you are entering and exiting stores.  However, certainly the benefits outweigh the part where a person may or may not experience dry hands. Also, in most climates, humid, cool or dry, hand moisture changes with season. With this information, you will know that there are more benefits than problems when you are using hand sanitizers Singapore. Especially during this time where we are struggling with the Covid 19 virus.

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