Frequently asked questions about hand sanitizers and Covid 19

May 9th, 2020 9:59 AM +8 GMT

Practice and maintain good hygiene at all times SG
Practice and maintain good hygiene at all times.

Suddenly we need to worry about using hand sanitizers Singapore all the time. To prevent getting Covid 19 and to reduce the changes to spread it to other people.

The problem is that there are so many questions about the virus and hand sanitizers. Questions that we don’t get the right answers for. There is information online, but we don’t always know if this is legitimate information or just things that people think about the virus and sanitizers. These are the most frequently asked questions and the correct answers.

What hand sanitizer is most effective against Covid 19?

Hand Sanitizer SG 2 ISO
Our hand sanitizers come with 2 ISO certifications!

This is the one question that has been asked the most, all over the world. What sanitizer is best and will give you the best protection against Covid 19?

The best hand sanitizer is those with an alcohol base with more than 60% and that is ISO certified. Then, you will know that you will be fully protected against Covid 19 and any other germ that might land on your hands. Don’t use sanitizers that have less than 60% of alcohol and more than 75%.

Is making your own hand sanitizer good enough for protection against Covid 19?

Many people are making their own hand sanitizers, but this isn’t recommended. You will not have the reassurance that your hand sanitizer will work against serious germs like Covid 19.

It might be a better option to spend more money and to purchase the highest quality hand sanitizer. You can purchase it online or in-store. This is the only way to ensure full protection.

What is the one thing that you need to look for when buying a hand sanitizer?

Another really important question to be asked. If there is just one thing that you need to look for when you are purchasing a hand sanitizer, what should it be?

The one thing that you need to look for when buying sanitizer is the amount of alcohol in the sanitizer. The more alcohol the better. The recommended alcohol levels should be at least 60% pure alcohol. Non-alcohol sanitizers aren’t recommended at all. And, using pure alcohol (100%) to sanitize your hands isn’t recommended either.

We hope we answered some of your questions about hand sanitizers Singapore and Covid 19. This is making it easier for you to know which sanitizer you should buy. Buying one that is ISO approved and that has at least 60% alcohol is the minimum requirement that you need to look for, for full protection against Covid 19.

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