The alcohol sanitizers and the effect on children

March 22nd, 2020 8:59 AM +8 GMT

Hand Sanitizer Safe For Kids SG
Our hand sanitizers are safe for kids, too.

Everywhere we are going, we are using hand sanitizers Singapore. All of them are normally alcohol sanitizers because it is better than other sanitizers. If you have children, then you might worry about the effect that these sanitizers have on children.

If it can harm children or if this is just as necessary for them to sanitize their hands as for adults. When you are worried about your children using alcoholic sanitizers, this information might be helpful.

Children have more germs as adults

Just think for one minute. Where have your touch the last couple of minutes? Or what did he touch while you were in the store with him?

This will let you realize that children actually have a lot more germs than adults. What if there is someone that needs to use alcoholic sanitizers, it is your children. The only protection that they really will get against all the germs that they are touching.

Even they need protection against Covid 19

When we are looking at the statistics of Covid 19, we will see that most people that were infected are adults and teens. However, this doesn’t mean that there weren’t any reports of children tested positive for the virus. Children can get this virus as well.

So, even children need to be protected against Covid 19. Meaning that they need to use alcohol sanitizers. Even if you don’t like it. This is for their own good and safety.

High-quality sanitizers won’t have side effects on children

Another thing that you need to consider is the type of sanitizer that you are using on your children. There is a higher chance that your child will get negative effects of cheap sanitizers as from expensive ones. Especially, if you can get sanitizers that are designed for sensitive skin.

If you are worried about the sanitizer that might harm your child, you should just get a higher quality, more expensive sanitizer. It will make all the difference.

Not recommended to use sanitizers with an alcohol level of more than 70%

Applying hand sanitizer on toddler's hands SG
Applying hand sanitizer on toddler’s hands.

The only thing to consider is that young children should not use alcohol sanitizers with alcohol levels of more than 70%. This is too high for the children and can harm them in the long run. You are allowed to take their own sanitizer with them to the stores and show the people at the entrance that you will sanitize the children yourself.

You need to protect your children against the germs and the virus that we all are struggling with at the moment. And, the only way that you can do that is by using alcohol hand sanitizers Singapore. It doesn’t harm your child if you are using the right type of sanitizer. This is why you should rather spend more money and buy high-quality sanitizers.

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