Why too much alcohol content in your sanitizer is not good

June 12th, 2020 3:21 PM +8 GMT

Too much of a good thing isn’t always good.

Everywhere we go, we hear that our hand sanitizers Singapore should have high alcohol levels. And, that we mustn’t use sanitizers that have less than 60% of alcohol.

But did you ever wonder if a higher dosage of alcohol content in your sanitizer is good for you or not? Studies have shown that it might not be so great if you are using too much alcohol, or your sanitizer too often. This is some of the information about the side effects that you can have with high alcohol content in your sanitizers.

Too much of a good thing isn’t always good

Did you ever hear the saying about too much of a good thing isn’t good anymore? This is exactly the case with the alcohol-based sanitizers.

Experts are saying that you should not use hand sanitizers with alcohol content less than 60%, but you should also not use it with much more than 80% as well. There are some negative side effects that you might encounter when your hand sanitizer has too much alcohol.

It can cause skin disorders

Those with sensitive skin and a history of skin disorders will have a lot of problems with using alcohol-based sanitizers. Especially those with high alcohol levels, or when you are using it too many times. One of the reported problems that people have reported these last couple of months, is problems with skin disorders.

Especially skin disorders that are returning because of sensitive skin. Even people that never have skin problems before, can now suddenly have a different type of skin disorders. This because of using the wrong hand sanitizer.

Killing some germs bring on other germs

Some germs love breeding on clean hands that are too clean and that have too much alcohol on.

Did you know that just because you are trying to keep the Covid 19 virus away from you with high alcohol-based sanitizers, you can get other germs to your hands? Some germs love breeding on clean hands that are too clean and that have too much alcohol on.

This is why you might suddenly start struggling with other illnesses that are also caused by germs. Even if you might think that the germs were killed with the sanitizer, it might be the sanitizer that caused it in the first place. These are just a couple of reasons why too much hand sanitizer Singapore might not be good for you and your health. And, why you should rather stick to the sanitizers that only have 60% to 80% alcohol in. Making sure that you are safe from overusing sanitizers. And, whenever it is possible, you should make use of soap and water to wash the sanitizer off as well.

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