Why you need at least 60% of alcohol in your sanitizer

March 15th, 2020 1:59 PM +8 GMT

The right way to use hand sanitizers SG
The right way to use hand sanitizers.

Lately, all that we have heard is to sanitize your hands and to use hand sanitizer Singapore with an alcohol level of at least 60%. The question that we have is why should it be at least 60% and not less?

With this guide, we are going to explain why there should be alcohol in your sanitizer and why it needs to be at least 60%. By understanding, you will be more careful about the sanitizer that you are using.

Non-alcohol sanitizer is only a waterless soap

With the start of the Covid 19 outbreak, the first thing that was sold out was the sanitizers. And, the only thing that was left was the non-alcoholic sanitizers. People start purchasing these as well, thinking that they are now protected, even if they aren’t.

What they didn’t know is that the non-alcoholic sanitizer is basically only a waterless soap. It isn’t effective in killing germs. Especially the germs that caused Covid 19.

The more alcohol in your sanitizer, the more germs it kills

Hand Sanitizer Singapore

This is important to remember. The more alcohol there is in your sanitizer, the more germs it is going to kill. And, the more it will protect you. However, you should be careful of the sanitizers that are offering more than 70% alcohol as well. This can be just unhealthy to use it if there is too much alcohol as well.

The thing about 60% is that it is going to kill all the bacteria on your hands. Those that can be dangerous to you, without making causing health problems. And, you will see that it won’t dry out your hands as much as other alcohol-based sanitizers.

Germs like the Covid 19 is hard to kill

Germs like the Covid 19 germs are hard to kill. Normal sanitizers aren’t good enough to ensure that your hands are clean and protected against the virus. These germs need a stronger type of sanitizer before it can be killed completely from surfaces and your hands. And, studies have shown that alcohol-based sanitizers with alcohol levels of at least 60% are going to do the trick.

You hear everywhere that you need to use the hand sanitizer Singapore with the alcohol levels of at least 60%. Now, you will understand better why this percentage is so important. This is to make sure that all Covid 19 germs are killed on your hands and surfaces. To make sure that you are limiting the spread of the virus from hand to mouth.

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